Glen Bowen Works - Bowen Therapy
Original Bowenwork® Technique

Bowenwork® is a unique approach to stimulating the body's natural healing ability, so it is sometimes challenging to describe to those who have not experienced it.
While the work is gentle and non-invasive, the effective practice is very specific and precise. There is no therapy like it in the world.
Bowenwork® involves gentle, yet powerful, movements on muscle and connective tissue. These movements address every system in the body -- internal organ systems as well as musculo-skeletal structure.
Pauses are inserted between sets of these movements, which allow the brain time to process and send messages to realign the body.
Respecting these pauses is an essential component of Bowenwork®, for it allows the body sufficient time to remember and restore its own healthy, natural balance.
Location:     Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Hours:          by appointment only
                    Cancellation Policy: 24 hours notice.
Contact:      Patsy MacDonald  
                    (902) 634-4696


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